Friday, September 02, 2005

Year 1995: Violent riot outside San Marcos (between Venezuela and Universitaria avenues) stopped by police with tear pumps

I was afraid . I even asked to mayself if maybe it was a suicide adventure to enter to San Marcos. All what I had seen about terrorism and contraculture was only by TV and now it was very close to me: young people, younger than me (I was 17 in those times) leading strikes, marchs, given so anarchist speeches, putting "quesos rusos" (lit. translation: russian cheese: bombs hidden under the flags with the sickle and the hammer, that blew up with any contact) or entering into the classrooms to give official notices, denounce-boards, marchs, and more marchs. And finally the taking of the local places as a last appeal.

But many years have gone and the student from San Marcos is not the same anymore. He is not the country side-guy with simple clothes who came to apply with notebooks and photocopies behind the arm, paying 5 soles only(about 1.5 dollars) for the whole study -year and that felt in common rapidly with the answerer - clasist -fighter left movement that you can find even in the soup of the public dinning room , and that feeling was stronger if the rising of the costs, fees (the half fee that students from Universities and institutes pay) became a threath . The student of San Marcos now is younger, more from middle class family and more indifferent with a social surroundings that, even if it can compromise him, wont puts him away from his closer friends He is not interested about what happen with his authorities, with the university government and he barely shows interest about what happen in the country . The student of San Marcos nowadays, only comes to study to look for a job and earn money. Researching, developing social conscience and feeling compromised with the social issues is a past stuff. Thar explains the almost total absenteeism in student election times in the moment to present candidacies and that is worse in the time to vote. That is the reason for why the last Votation commitees thought in the idea of making obligatory elections and if you do not vote, the puts a fine . Es por eso que ahora las autoridades hasta se jactan de la masiva asistencia a las urnas.


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