Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A story of a kindnapping

Crime and delinquency is so common issue in Lima that if we reed in the papers that someone suffered a robbery attack or was beaten or raped, it is not surprise for us. And what to say about kindnappings. Almost every day we are known that someone was kindnapped for big bands of delinquents with a large and obscure bloody - sheets resumes or bands of police officers who deal with that mean habits for money, and betray their principles they swear to follow. This people makes the wickest plans of kindnapping from the apparently more secure prisons like Piedras Gordas, a maxime-security prison that was created to isolate the commanders of this mentioned bands.

Their next victim is now a 28 years old- manager called Mirko Slavkovic, who was kindnapped when he was going to visit his sister with his mother. Until now there are only a rumors about where he is, but it is no hard to imagine the bad moments he is passing throught the shadows, with the hands and feet tied inside some dirty place.

However, andI dont know why, although this fact worries me, it doesnt make me feel anguished. Something in side me tells me that this big guy with a spreadly joy and energy with whom I talked to some weeks ago, is resisting bravely. I know that he guess, like me, that his robbers are not winning at all with it. There are two witnesses who reached to see their faces; the police is closely behind them and, in Piedras Gordas jail, criminals like "Negro Francia" are now under severe interrogatories, very know kindnappers who use to work from the comfortable cells with radio, calble tv and cellular phones beside the big eyes of their watchmen. In the meantime, the media and people who knows him is claiming together for his liberation. Their kindnappers are with with few time to enjoy their freedom, and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel, the light that will take my cousin Mirko out of the darkness.

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